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National trade

Member states of the European Union are obliged to apply certain provisions for the security of ships and port facilities to ships operating domestic services (article 3, paragraph 3 of Regulation (EC) no 725/2004). This applies in particular to cargo ships of 500 GT and above and to passenger ships.

Due to the current lack of legally binding national German provisions the BSH and the VDR (German shipowners association) have developed a common approach to maintaining a minimum security standard. It addresses mainly passenger ferries to German islands and other sensitive areas such as transport of dangerous goods.

Basically, the minimum security standard requires the development of a standardized national ship security plan (NSSP). The NSSP contains the on board measures for protection and vigilance, technical data of the ship and contact details. On board of the ship it should be available preferably in electronic format and a copy should be made available for the BSH.

Please click here for a specimen NSSP (in German only).

In domestic shipping the comprehensive training and certification of security officers (CSO/SSO) are dispensable. It is however strongly recommended to instruct the ship’s crew in the new measures and to designate a person with overall security responsibility. Verification by a RSO is not required.

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