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Repatriation, leave

Shipowner must ensure free of charge repatriation of seafarers

A seafarer on a German-flagged ship is entitled to repatriation, if:

  1. he is ill or injured to such an extent that he is unfit for work and abandoned abroad,
  2. the employment terminates,
  3. the shipowner does no longer fulfil his obligations by reason of insolvency or sale of the ship,
  4. if a ship is bound for a war zone (a war zone does not include areas affected by piracy).

The shipowner must provide a bank guarantee or an insurance confirmation of a P&I club to ensure repatriation of seafarers even in case of insolvency of the shipowner.

Seafarers are entitled to annual leave of at least 30 calendar days

Seafarers are entitled to 30 calendar days of leave for each year of employment. Not to be included are:

  • public holidays which apply in the home port of  the ship,
  • periods of unfitness for work due to illness or accident and maternity leave,
  • shore leave,
  • compensation for work on Sundays and public holidays.

The shipowner must pay travel expenses for reaching the holiday destination and for the return to the ship.

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