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Confirmed by the ICS: The German Flag is one of the best

With the Flag State Performance Table of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), shipowners can get a quick overview of the quality of the 117 flag states worldwide. The German Flag has long been exemplary in all areas and once more ranks among the best this year.

In their Flag State Performance Table, the ICS publishes a concise overview of how well the flag states organised their fleet over the last year. The performance table helps shipping companies choose a reliable and safe flag.

In the ICS ranking, a green marking represents positive performance of the individual criterion while a red one stands for failure of performance. Just as in the previous years, the German Flag is fully in the "green". Thereby, Germany in one of 22 of the best flag states among a total of 117 the ICS compared.

Germany has ratified all important maritime conventions and works actively in and with the IMO. German-flagged ships come off well in port State control inspections and the average age of the fleet is relatively low. The recognized organisations working for the German Flag also show good results. On the STCW "White List", Germany stands for high-quality training of the next generation of seafarers and assures fair working and living conditions on German-flagged ships.

It remains valid: You can rely on the quality of the German Flag!

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