UNO Resolution about the importance of seafarers' work

The Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution regarding the classification of seafarers as key workers. All states must still ensure the facilitation of crew changes. Seafarers should receive vaccination against the Corona Virus as soon as possible.

Seafarers are key workers – this is the central message of UNO Resolution A/75/L.37 that was adopted by 71 member states. This fact lays the groundwork for concrete measures within the resolution, which governments, international organisations and relevant involved parties can implement. These include mostly safe crew changes, unrestricted arrivals and departures of seafarers and repatriation of "stranded" seafarers.

According to the United Nations, about two million seafarers on 98,000 merchant vessels provide for the transport of 80% of the goods in the global trade and ensure the seamless provision of medical equipment, food and other essential goods, despite the Corona pandemic.


The Secretary General of the International Maritime Organization IMO, Kitack Lim, was pleased about the adoption of the resolution. He thanked the states that have recognized seafarers as key workers. Resolving the ongoing crew change crisis is, after all, a human rights issue, says Lim.

"Two million seafarers among which are about half a million employed by European shipowners play a key role in maintaining the global logistics chain. We thank the seafarers for their hart work" says Martin Dorsmann, Secretary General of the European Community Shipowners’ Associations, ECSA. In Addition, ECSA affirms their support of IMO's call to consider priority for seafarers regarding the upcoming vaccination campaign against the Corona Virus.