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Financial support for training places

Financial support of training places on board of ships under the flag of Germany or of another EU member state

The federal government supports the provision of training places on board of ships operated under the flag of Germany or of another EU-member state. Training places for ship mechanics as well as for navigational and engineering assistant officers are subsidised by lump sums per vocational training place.

Please apply for subsidies with a single application (Sammelantrag). The requested information in the single application is about the company and the number of planned vocational training relationships. Eligible to apply are shipowners within the meaning of § 4 of the Maritime Labour Act (Seearbeitsgesetz) (the owner of the ship, contractual shipowners, bareboat-charterers, however not crewing agencies) providing training places eligible for financial support.

Please note:
Already before closing of the training or employment agreements, you have to wait for the notification of the BSH regarding the single application (Sammelantrag) which recognizes the general qualification for financial support. Otherwise the financial support is not possible.

After the contracts have been closed, you will have to apply for each vocational training placec with a supplementary individual application. Subsequently,  the BSH verifies every vocational training relationship and issues a final notification for each individual case. No term of preclusion exists for the supplementary individual application. However, the BSH recommends to apply as early as possible since the contribution is only granted with the final notice and only then a claim to the payment exists.

Please submit the applications in written form to:

Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie
Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 78
20359 Hamburg


Since 14. October 2015 there is a new guideline regarding financial support of training places in maritime shipping. Please use the new forms from now on:

You find further information on the support programme in "Richtlinie zur Ausbildungsplatzförderung in der Seeschifffahrt vom 7. Oktober 2019" - Federal ministry of transport and digital infrastructure (Bundesanzeiger vom 11.10.2019, BAnz AT 11.10.2019 B3).

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bild ausbildungsplatzörderung


Recipients of subsidies for vocational training places are accountable within six months after the training has been completed. This account must be submitted in writing and complete to:

Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie
Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 78
D 20359 Hamburg

Please use the following forms:

support of training places 2020

support of training places 2019

support of training places 2018

support of training places 2017

Further information can be found in the notification of appropriation of funds and in the following guidelines:

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