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Medical refresher courses

Providers of medical training refresher courses

We compiled a list of the current providers of refresher courses.

bild medizinische wiederholungskurse

Medical training refresher courses every 5 years

Every five years masters and those ships´ officers assigned to give medical care have to bring their basic medical knowledge up to date by attending refresher courses. Depending on the trading area a master/ ship’s officer must attend either a long seminar or a short seminar:

  • The long seminar (40 hours) is required for: Unlimited voyages , European voyages (the former great coastal trade with the trading area as defined in §46 of the Maritime Labour Act (Seearbeitsgesetz )) as well as on fishing vessels engaged in deep sea and high sea fishing
  • The short seminar (16 hours) is required for: all other trading areas (predominantly national trade and small coastal trade)

The curriculum comprises inter alia the following subjects:

  • Assessing the seriousness of a patient’s condition
  • Rescue
  • Immediate measures in case of accidents and illness
  • Telemedical consultation
  • Repositioning and transportation of patients
  • Examination techniques
  • Special diseases
  • Ship’s dispensary

Medical training of ships’ officers and refresher courses are based on the manual "Maritime Medical Handbook".

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Legal questions about medical care on board

Those assisting medically on board generally do not have to worry about legal consequences. Read more about legal principles of medical care.

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