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Questionnaire to be completed prior to medical fitness examination

You are a seafarer and intend to undergo the medical fitness examination? Please note that prior to each medical fitness examination a questionnaire must be completed. This will provide the examining physician with a picture as comprehensive as possible of your present state of health. The questionnaire can be downloaded and completed in advance. Complete the questionnaire carefully and to your best knowledge and take it with you to the examination. If a question poses problems, please discuss it with the examining physician.

In addition to the completed and signed questionnaire, please bring along the following items to your examination:

  • Official identity card or passport
  • Written and signed consent from parent/legal guardian of minors under the age of 18 wit the medical fitness examination as well as confirmation of the accuracy of information in the related questionnaire.
  • Any previous certificate of medical fitness for sea service.
  • A completed and signed certificate of insurance (cost assumption declaration). Alternatively, the examination has to be paid for directly on the spot.
  • In the case of acute illness or any previous illnesses suffered in the course of the last year please submit recent examination results and a list of medication from your doctor.
  • If applicable, glasses or contact lenses.

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Cost of medical fitness examination

The medical fitness examination is free of charge for:

  • young persons under the age of 18 and
  • employees and self-employed persons working in the shipping business and paying Occupational Accident Insurance contributions to the BG Verkehr.

Entitlement to cost exemption is verified by the recognized medical practitioners prior to the examination. Click here for a specimen certificate of insurance facilitating cost exemption. For young persons it is sufficient to prove their age with an official identity card.

A seafarer whose employer does not pay Occupational Accident Insurance contributions to the BG Verkehr for his employee, must pay himself for the medical fitness examination. For example, if:

  • the employment is on a ship under foreign flag, or
  • solely a health insurance with the Knappschaft has been taken out (the former See-Krankenkasse, which in 2008 merged with the Knappschaft), or
  • solely a pension insurance with the German pension fund Knappschaft has been taken out.

The cost of the medical fitness examination depends on the requirements for the respective section of service and will be between €80 to about €100 for the initial examination.

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