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German flag means top quality in design and equipment

You as the shipowner can choose, which flag your newbuilding shall fly. If you choose the German flag right from the start, ship and equipment will comply with the highest safety Standards.

A ship can only be as safe as its equipment. Here again, the German flag insists on quality. The European ship equipment directive guarantees a high safety standard of shipboard equipment and simplifies, at the same time, approval in Europe. A central database enables you to easily check whether ship equipment is approved and therefore safe.

The German flag has always spearheaded the development and introduction of innovative ship equipment; recently for example of rescue appliances for recovering persons from the water. The benefit: innovative and easy to handle shipboard rescue systems which allow a safe recovery of floating persons.

Mutual trust is important, but no alternative for control - the German flag follows this principle. The surveyors of the German flag state administration are all experienced seafarers, who have served for years as nautical or engineering officers and who know what matters.