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Many of the forms offered here by us are electronic by now. Please note the Guide to electronic forms; it is easy to understand.


  • please work with an updated browser and PDF Reader version
  • you can save entered data as xml-file and re-enter them into the form (e.g. when you pause your input for a longer period of time)
  • you can save basic data as xml-file and enter them into several similar forms (e.g. when you fill in several applications for non-wage labour cost subsidies)
  • you can print or save the fully completed form as PDF (please always with this button Application form picture on the form)
  • unless requested otherwise, please send the signed applications to the BSH via postal mail


For seafarers

For shipping companies


You have to personally sign the Application: Approval of an addendum to the SSP, but you can scan it afterwards and e-mail it to the BSH.
If you want to submit ship security plans or amendments in an electronic format, please contact the Section S42. Please do not send these attachments via ordinary e-mail to the BSH.
All other applications listed below can be e-mailed via to the BSH without a signature; this is possible in the form itself:
Fill in form, click on the pdf printer button to create a pdf, in the top left corner of the pdf-window click on "File > attach to e-mail".


You can send the application to the BSH via e-mail; this is possible on the electronic application form: fill in form, produce PDF by clicking on the PDF print button and on the opened PDF in the top left corner of the window click "file > attach to e-mail". You do not have to send originals anymore.

Oil and wreck removal liability certificates