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Security levels and warning notes

Current information about piracy threatened sea areas

The German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) publishes periodically information on sea areas and traffic routes threatened by piracy or other hazards. These include up to date information on hazards and security levels as well as recommendations for behavior in these sea areas.

Identical information is published in the German notices to mariners (Nachrichten für Seefahrer (NfS)).

On the website of the federal police (only in German), you can find current notices on sea areas under threat. The individual warning notes of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (Bundesministerium des Innern, BMI) are available (with a click on the map) in German and English.

Raised security level in for the Gulf of Oman

Modification of the set security level

In view of the heightened danger, for now, the security level for German-flagged ships is raised to

SOLAS security level 2 (two)

in consultation with the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure:

The sea area has the following boundaries: West of the 060° E of the coast of the Iran 25°22'46''N, 60°00'00''E in front of the coast of the Oman 22°25'45''N, 60°00'00''E and further for the Persian Gulf.

Notice and conduct recommendations:

Please refer to the recommendations of the industry associations OCIMF and INTERTANKO under the following link: https://theseanation.gr/news-in-english/43935-intertanko-ocimf-update-followingrecent-attacks-in-gulf-of-oman.html

These are:

  • maintain a full and vigilant bridge watch,
  • maintain a strict communications watch and establish communication with all vessels coming close,
  • ensure strict boarding controls are in place,
  • only lower accommodation gangways or ladders when necessary,
  • keep up outboard lighting, particularly over the stern and rig, at all times where possible provided they do not interfere with keeping a safe lookout
  • keep searchlights ready if available and use them
  • report any suspicious activity immediately to both the port and UKMTO +44 239 22 22 060,
  • monitor relevant communication channels at all times,
  • check all fire-fighting equipment is available for immediate use,
  • make sure the emergency fire pump is available, and
  • make sure the AIS signal cannot be switched off.

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