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Advantages for shipowners and seafarers

The German flag is a flag of quality, regularly top-ranked in flag state rankings. Fewer port state controls and less idle times in ship operation mean cost reductions for shipowners. High standards for ship safety, environmental protection and for working and living conditions are top priorities of the German flag.

Shipowners benefit from substantial financial support of the German flag. Each year, the federal German government provides nearly 58 million € as subsidies to reduce non-wage labour costs and for the creation of training places. Another 20 million € result from the wage tax deduction in favour of the shipowner.

Furthermore, the Stiftung Schifffahrtsstandort Deutschland (German shipping foundation) provides about 20 million € for training and qualification of seafarers.

Fees for ships’ safety certificates compare favourably with those of other flags and the German flag raises no annual registration fees. Different from other flag states the German flag state administration does not seek maximum profit.

Seafarers under the German flag benefit from the public German social security system. A comprehensive accident insurance covers all crew members, regardless of their nationality. In case of accidents at the shipboard workplace the Berufsgenossenschaft (accident prevention and insurance association) provides support and takes care to restore a seafarer’s fitness for work as fast as possible. The social insurance for seafarers "Seemannskasse" is a unique institution providing an additional pension for elderly seafarers. The German Maritime Labour Act enforces decent working and living conditions for seafarers on board ships flying the German flag.

Last, but not least you contribute to maintaining the German maritime cluster with its unique shipping know-how by choosing the German flag.

If you are interested in the German flag, please contact the Change of Flag Manager!

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