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Welcome to the German flag

As maritime administration we are there for our customers. This is where you find
everything important for seafarers and shipowners about maritime shipping under
German flag.



Maritime 24/7 hotline

Mitarbeiterin am Telefon

The German flag is always available for you - on 365 days of the year. You can reach our specialists under the phone number +49 3190-7777 for all questions about maritime shipping under German flag.

The maritime 24/7 hotline is offered by the Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency, BSH. In addition, the stand-by service of the Ship Safety Division of BG Verkehr is also available. More information is given under "Contact Details".



New medical equipment

New requirements for medical equipment on board of merchant ships flying the German flag have come into force on 6. October.


The new "current standard of medical equipment on board (in German)" includes, besides an equipment list, practical information on the storage of drugs and medical products on board. Shipowners only have to implement the changes of the medical equipment by the next annual inspection.

More information on this topic can be found in our section on "Maritime Medicine". We comprised the most important changes in comparison to the former standard of medical equipment on board in an information leaflet (in German).



Fitness for Sea Service
Authorized Physicians for medical fitness examinations
Apply for financial support for training places now!
Determining the gross mass of a packed container from 01.07.2016


Picture Container Port Hamburg
Determining the gross mass of a cargo container
The International Maritime Organization IMO has included new regulations regarding weighing of containers in chapter VI Regulation 2 of the SOLAS Convention.
Based on these changes, the verified gross mass of cargo containers loaded onto SOLAS ships has to be documented. Otherwise, the cargo container may not be loaded. The SOLAS Amendment comes into force on 1. July 2016.
We have now compiled your most frequently asked questions and answered them in our section FAQ.
Subsequent to the information event of the BMVI (Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) on 11.04.2016, the presentations are now available.
BG Verkehr has approved a procedure to calculate the gross mass in accordance with Method 2.
The IMO recommends their members to conduct the introduction of the new regulation with a sense of proportion. For containers loaded before 1. July 2016 without statement of the verified gross mass a loading ban at a reloading to another ship will be desisted from. The coming into force will not be postponed; the record date remains the 1. July 2016. Germany will follow this recommendation.
Current information on this topic can be found in our rubric "Safety and Security".
Bild Schiffsbesatzungszeugnis
One click gets you an e-certificate
Since the beginning of July BG Verkehr issues electronic Safe Manning Certificates for German-flagged ships. This is another consequence of the modernization of the German flag.
For ships on national voyages e-certificates were already introduced in the beginning of 2015. Now BG Verkehr offers this service to shipping companies with ships on international voyages as well – at first for Safe Manning Certificates and the other certificates will subsequently follow.

Since the beginning of July BG Verkehr has already issued over 100 Safe Manning Certificates.

One click on and an ID Number, which will be sent to you by BG Vekehr, are all it takes to access your Safe Manning Certificate electronically. The e-certificates are fully valid. New E-Safe Manning Certificates can be applied for as of now.

The German flag has informed IMO about the new e-certificates and a model certificate has been put into the IMO data system GISIS.