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As maritime administration we are there for our customers. This is where you find
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Holger Jäde

New Maritime Ambassador for Germany

Holger Jäde, Executive Secretary of Berufsbildungsstelle Seeschifffahrt e.V., has recently been appointed Maritime Ambassador for Germany by the International Maritime Organization IMO. The Maritime Ambassador’s central task is to shift the focus of the general public to the maritime professions.

The Maritime Ambassador states that as Maritime Ambassador he will not abate his efforts to win around young people for maritime professions. In his opinion the maritime training of young people secures the future of the companies and strengthens the position on the global market. Hence why committed young people who are ready to take on responsibility, learn throughout life and think internationally, and see their future in the still very fascinating maritime professional sector are needed. Holger Jäde was suggested for the position as IMO Maritime Ambassador by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

You will find more information on training in the maritime sector in our section „Ausbildung“ (in German only) and on the website of the Berufsbildungsstelle Seeschifffahrt.


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Determining the gross mass of a packed container from 01.07.2016


Picture Container Port Hamburg
Determining the gross mass of a cargo container
The International Maritime Organization IMO has included new regulations regarding weighing of containers in chapter VI Regulation 2 of the SOLAS Convention.
Based on these changes, the verified gross mass of cargo containers loaded onto SOLAS ships has to be documented. Otherwise, the cargo container may not be loaded. The SOLAS Amendment comes into force on 1. July 2016.
We have now compiled your most frequently asked questions and answered them in our section FAQ.

Subsequent to the information event of the BMVI (Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure) on 11.04.2016, the presentations are now available. 

Current information on this topic can be found in our rubric "Safety and Security".

Mitarbeiterin am Telefon
Maritime Hotline launches on 1. April 2016
To improve the service for maritime shipping, BSH extends the customer service for the German Flag State Administration. From 1st April 2016 shipowners, seafarers, authorities and other offices have the Maritime Hotline as round-the-clock on-call service at their disposal for expert questions as well as emergencies.
With this expanded service, the BSH and the Ship Safety Division increase their availability for matters concerning maritime shipping. Direct contact with the German flag is possible day and night as well as on Sundays and public holidays to answer questions regarding maritime shipping and to be able to resolve pressing matters.

Jörg Kaufmann, head of the department Maritime Shipping at BSH states: “With the Maritime Hotline we can guarantee that even after office hours advice and help can be given for all matters.”

The Maritime Hotline is available on+49-(0)40-3190-7777 from April.