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Transparent fees

Cost transparency of the German flag is important to us. With our fees calculator you can calculate the most important fees for German-flagged merchant ships on international voyages yourself. For all other ships our experts will inform you about the fees.

Further information about the competitive fees of the German flag is given in our section “Financial Matters”.

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What can the fees calculator do?

The fees calculator provides you with the fees for ship-related compulsory certificates for cargo and passenger ships on international voyages. In doing so the calculator takes into account the reduced fees when the certificates are not issued for the full term of 5 years during a change of flag (because the class term is shorter).

The calculator does not include the following fees and costs:

  • the entry of a newly built ship in a shipping register of sea-going ships, because the fee amount is based on the goodwill of the ship. Please contact the shipping register for sea-going ships of your home port for the exact fee amount,
  • ship-related additional certificates (e.g. for the transport of dangerous goods), because depending on the cargo of the ship different additional certificates are required,
  • ship surveys, tonnage measurements or plan approvals since the fee amount is based on the individual survey or processing time and, moreover, many shipping companies have arranged block fee contracts with classification societies which include surveys,
  • if necessary, the transition of the medical equipment (on-board pharmacy), of which the costs depend on the present standard on board,
  • seafarer’s documents (e.g. certificates of competency), since depending on the composition of the crew a different amount of seafarers need these documents,
  • the wages of the crew members, because the costs of wages depend on many different factors (manning of the ship, use of bargaining agreements, social security law)