Calculation aid for seagoing service

The Calculation aid for seagoing service helps you calculate the required seagoing service for an application for initial issuance or validity extension of certificates for seafarers.

It is only an assistance - an official recognition of the seagoing service is done by the BSH!

With the calculation aid you can calculate whether you have already accumulated sufficient seagoing service. If this is the case, you can submit your application for initial issuance or extension of validity. Then simply attach the printed result of the calculation aid to this application. You can find the application forms under Applications · Documents

The duration of the seagoing service is expressed in "months". The term "month" means:

  • either a calendar month
  • or, in case of several periods of less than one calendar month each, a combined period of 30 days.

Tips to help with calculations:

  • Only net seagoing service is counted!
  • You need a total of 36 months net seagoing service to acquire BZ-NK and BZ-TLM.
  • After 12 months of seagoing service as NWO/NEO < GT 3,000 or as TWO, the additional seagoing service as NEO/NEO < GT 3,000 and as TZO counts double (i.e. you can enter this seagoing service twice in the calculator).
  • Seagoing service as TLM < 3,000 kW can only be counted as a maximum of 6 months TZO seagoing service.

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For more information on seagoing service requirements and proof, see Seagoing service · Ships.