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Kontaktdaten aller deutschen Seemannsmissionen im In- und Ausland

Shore-based welfare facilities

German seamen’s mission and Stella Maris maintain welfare facilities for seafarers

According to the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) every state is obliged to allow easy and non-discriminatory access to shore-based welfare facilities.

For many years the Protestant German seamen’s mission has maintained welfare facilities in all mayor German ports and numerous foreign ports. The seamen’s missions stand up for seafarers according to their motto "support of seafarers' dignity". More than 700 volunteers of the German seamen’s mission all over the world collect seafarers from their ships and take them to seamen’s hostels and clubs. These provide reasonable rooms and recreational facilities as well as international phone connections. Seafarers can relax, recover from the on-board monotony and always find a sympathetic ear for any worries and concerns.

The seamen’s missions are funded partly by donations, grants by the Protestant Church and grants from the federal budget.

The Catholic seamen's mission Stella Maris in Germany is represented in Hamburg as well in Bremen and the ports at the Lower Weser.

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Facilities of the German seamen’s mission in Germany

Protestant seamen’s missions in German ports:

The Catholic seamen's mission Stella Maris is represented in the following ports in Germany:

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German Seamen's Mission abroad

Members of staff of the German Seamen's Mission also take care of the interests of seafarers abroad. The individual locations abroad can be found on the website of the German Seamen's Mission.

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