Außenstelle Hamburg
Sachsenstrasse 12 und 14
20097 Hamburg

Phone: +49 40 23655-0
Fax: +49 40 23655-182
Mail: seefunk@bnetza.de


The Bundesnetzagentur fulfils many tasks

The "Bundesnetzagentur" (federal network agency) of electricity, gas, telecommunications, post and rail is an independent higher federal authority of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology based in Bonn.

The "Bundesnetzagentur’s" task is to provide further development of the electricity, gas, telecommunications, postal and rail infrastructure market by means of liberalization and deregulation. For the enforcement of the regulatory objectives, it has been provided with effective procedures and instruments covering i.a. legal information and examination rights as well as graded sanctioning mechanisms.

Maritime radiocommunications is provided by the Hamburg branch

At the branch in Hamburg, the "Bundesnetzagentur" is responsible for anything related to participation in maritime radio telecommunications, in particular the assignment of frequencies to operators of a ship-based radio station on board a ship.

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