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“” is the central web portal of the German flag state administration and is jointly operated by the Bundesministerium für Digitales und Verkehr, the Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (Federal Maritime Hydrographic Agency) and the Dienststelle Schiffssicherheit der BG Verkehr (Ship Safety Division of the BG Verkehr).

Bundesministerium für Digitales und Verkehr

represented by Dr. Volker Wissing, Federal Minister
Robert-Schuman-Platz 1
D 53175 Bonn
Phone: +49 228 / 99 - 300 - 0
Fax: +49 228 / 99 - 300 - 3428 or 34

Berufsgenossenschaft Verkehrswirtschaft Post-Logistik Telekommunikation (BG Verkehr, German Social Accident Insurance Institution for Commercial Transport, Postal Logistics and Telecommunication)
Dienststelle Schiffssicherheit (Ship Safety Division)
represented Ms Sabine Kudzielka, managing director
Brandstwiete 1
D 20457 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40/361 37-0
Fax: +49 40/361 37-204

Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie (federal maritime hydrographic agency)
represented by Helge Heegewaldt , president
Bernhard-Nocht-Straße 78
D 20359 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40/31 90-0
Fax: +49 40/31 90-50 00

Responsible editors:

1. Christian Bubenzer, project manager of the website ““ at the ship safety division, for the following items:

  • Home
  • "Latest information"
  • "Contact details"
  • "Applications · Documents" (except applications of BSH)
  • "Certificates · Verification" (except: "Verfication - Seafarers' certificates")
  • "Training" (except: "Rechenhilfe Seefahrtzeiten")
  • "Flag · Register"  ("Advantages of the German Flag", "Shipping register of sea-going ships", "Changing to the German Flag", "Cabotage · Equivalence", "Flag State, classification societies", "Types of ships")
  • "Crew" (except "Seafarer’s card")
  • "Social security"
  • "Safety · Security" (except: "Security“, "Anti-piracy measures")
  • "Construction · Equipment" ("Newbuilding · conversion", "Ship surveys", "Life-saving appliances")
  • "Maritime Medicine"
  • "Environmental Protection" (only: Ballastwater together with BSH)
  • "Financial matters" (except: “Non-wage labour costs", "Financial support for training places")
  • "Port state control“

2. Karin Andersen, project manager of the website ““ at the federal maritime hydrographic agency, for the following items:

  • "Applications · Documents" (applications of BSH)
  • "Certificates · Verification" ("Verfication - Seafarers' certificates")
  • "Flag · Register" ("Shipping registers", "German International Shipping Register (GIS)", "Flag documents", "Leaving the German flag", "German merchant fleet")
  • "Crew" (only: "Seafarer’s certificate")
  • "Training · Competence"
  • "Safety · Security" ("Security", "Anti-piracy measures")
  • "Construction · Equipment" ("Tonnage measurement", "Ship’s equipment - except: Life-saving applinces")
  • "Environmental Protection" (Ballastwater together with BSH)
  • "Liability"
  • "Financial matters" (“Non-wage labour costs", "Financial support for training places")

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The contents of this website have been scrupulously checked and implemented. Nevertheless, errors cannot be ruled out. Despite of careful scrutiny, liability can neither be accepted for the functionality of the website nor for completeness and accuracy of its contents. In particular, we accept no liability for any damage or consequence resulting from direct or indirect use of the content provided.

We are not liable for the contents of external websites accessible through hyperlinks. These external websites have been carefully selected and checked prior to creation of hyperlinks. However, neither do the contents of such external websites originate from us, nor are we able to influence them. The content of external websites may be changed at any time without our knowledge. Continuous checking of such contents is neither intended nor possible. We disassociate ourselves explicitly from any content with potential relevance to criminal or civil law or content which may offend common decency. Liability for any damage resulting from the use of external websites lies exclusively with their providers.

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Legal basis (acts of law, ordinances)

The legal basis published on this site has been carefully compiled. However the provider makes no claim and gives no warranty regarding the currency, accuracy or completeness of the material provided. Acts of law and ordinances are only deemed valid and applicable in their respective relevant version published in corresponding official promulgation announcements (in particular Bundesgesetzblatt (Federal Law Gazette) and Bundesanzeiger (Federal Bulletin)). Any recommendations or information about legal issues posted on our website is intended as guidance only and is not a substitute for professional legal advice.

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Design and concept of the website

Concept and design:
Mike Tamayo (E-Mail)

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Photos for the website „“ have been provided by the following photographers and photo archives:


Photo archives of the following shipping companies:

The photos were cut to the formats used on the website, 175x400 pixels, 175x800 pixels, 400x400 pixels, 100x280 pixels, 200x300 pixels and/or 300x350 pixels.

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