Funkärztliche Beratung (Medico) Cuxhaven
Helios Klinik Cuxhaven
Altenwalder Chaussee 10
27474 Cuxhaven

Phone: +49 4721 785
Fax: +49 4721 78 39 15


Varied responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Telemedical Maritime Assistance Service (TMAS) Medico Cuxhaven are:

  • telemedical maritime assistance 24h/365 days a year,
  • medical advice with consideration to the available medical equipment on board and to the training of the officers,
  • involvement in determining the optimal medical equipment for merchant ships under German flag,
  • close cooperation with maritime-medical institutions, like the Maritime Medical Service of BG Verkehr, as well as other telemedical maritime assistance services.

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The Maritime Medical Service (Seeärztlicher Dienst) of BG Verkehr is according to section 1 paragraph 7a of the Seeaufgabengesetze (Federal maritime responsibilities act) responsible for the telemedical maritime assistance.

BG Verkehr has delegated this task to Helios-Klinik Cuxhaven. Specially trained physicians from all relevant medical fields carry out telemedical maritime assistance there.

The Federal Ministry of Digital and Transport has the subject-specific supervision over BG Verkehr in regard to telemedical maritime assistance.