New form for free-of-charge medical examinations from 2023

Medical fitness examinations are free-of-charge for seafarers if they work for a maritime company that pays contributions of the marine accident insurance to the BG Verkehr. The seafarers have to submit a confirmation fo cost coverage of the member company to the examining doctor. The relevant information in the forms changes as of 1 January 2023.

Kostenloses Motiv blood-pressure-Melanie Simon auf Pixabay_640.jpgAt the examination, the seafarer proves with the confirmation of cost coverage that their comapny pays their insurance contributions to the BG Verkehr.

From 1st January the confirmation has to contain the following information:

  • the new company number (UNR.S) with 15 digits. It replaces the previous comapny number with 8 digits and has been sent to the member companies by the BG Verkehr. What else is new:

  • the danger rate numbers (Gefahrtarifstellen, GTS) of the member company with 4 digits.
    This information is given in the "Veranlagungsbescheid" by the BG Verkehr.

Member companies of the BG Verkehr can apply for their confirmation of cost coverage either in a formless manner or with this sample form.

Up until 31st December seafarers have to present the previous proof of insurance at their examination appointment. From 1st of January 2023, the new confirmation of cost coverage is required.

Seafarers who want to be examined some time around the year change but do not know the exact date yet should have their company issue both confirmations just in case.

On the website of the BG Verkehr you can find further information on the new company numbers and new danger rate numbers for maritime companies as well as the right person to contact. We have also summed up the important details.