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Seafarer's Compendium of the BG Verkehr now available electronically

The Seafarer's Compendium of the BG Verkehr has become a popular standard work for any question regarding safety on board of sea-going vessels. In addition to the hardcopy version, an award-winning digital version for mobile devices is now available.

By now on almost every German sea-going ship, a copy of the compendium "Occupational safety and health protection on board of merchant and fishing vessels" (Handbuch See – Arbeitssicherheit und Gesundheitsschutz in der Seeschifffahrt und Fischerei) can be found. 69 modules illustrate with few words and "talking" pictures to what seafarers have to pay attention in order to neither put themselves or anyone else in danger. During an instruction about certain topics, the corresponding modules can be used as a basis for remarks. This book of reference is now also available as digital version for mobile devices.

Picture App Handbuch See (small)

Winner of the "eLearning Award 2018"

The implementation of the well-established compendium electronically is fashioned to serve the particular conditions at of maritime shipping. Independent of time and place and an internet connection, the essential information is available to the user both on- and offline. The user can readily change between German and English. A keyword search makes it easy to quickly find specific contents. As an additional innovation, it is now possible to document and save data like photos and notes, for example about injuries to persons or property damages and near accidents.

These many useful functionalities also managed to impress on the education fair didacta. In the category knowledge management, The BG Verkehr was awarded the "eLearning Award 2018" for their app.

The app is now available for free download in the app stores for Android and iOS operating systems.