Day of the Seafarer 2024





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International Maritime Organization IMO

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For 2024, the campaign will look at seafarers' contribution to making the maritime sector a safer workplace. Share your best safety tips at sea, whether it’s the gear youwear or the training youreceive.  

Seafarers spend a great deal of their time on board ships, and this provides many opportunities for them to take pictures of their working environment

#SafetyTipsAtSea - Share a picture of yourself in your working environment with your top tip for safety at sea!

Be creative, you can share the equipment you use to keep your workplace safe or any special training you received, and tell us how you work to enhance maritime safety and security, in tandem with the protection of the marine environment. Let us know how you keep up with the pace of technological change and innovation to stay safe onboard. 

Seafarer organizations – share pictures of how your help seafarers stay safe;  

Wider public – show your appreciation for the work of seafarers and how their safety at sea is in the interest of all us.

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