Putting on protective equipment in the right way

In a new video, the Maritime Medical Service of the BG Verkehr explains how to put on and take off personal protective equipment in the right way. By following the instructions, navigational officers responsible for medical care on board can protect themselves effectively against infectious diseases. The video is now available.

How do you protect yourself when an infectious disease occurs with a person on board? This is not a new question, but the COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness with seafarers once again. The "Maritime Medical Handbook" by the Maritime Medical Service, which has recently been released, gives clear answers and has now been supplemented with a new video. 

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The best protection against contagious infections on board is regular washing of the hands, disinfection and wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) such as gloves, an oronasal mask and safety goggles. But even the best protective equipment is only effective if the seafarer puts it on and takes it off in the right way. The new video by the Maritime Medical Service "Putting On and Taking Off Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)" gives advice. The film takes about three minutes and explains, among other things, in which order the protective equipment is to be put on to avoid unwanted infections.

With a QR code or the direct link https://www.medizinisches-handbuch-see.de/Schutzausruestung_en.html, seafarers can watch the video in German or English. The film is part of the "Maritime Medical Handbook", which is an essential practical guide to medical care on board sea-going vessels.


Since the video was developed after the recent version of the medical handbook had been published, the QR code could not be included in it. Users of the handbook should stick the QR code onto the pages 26 and 485. In the English version of the Maritime Medical Handbook, which will be published soon, the QR code will be included.