Concise info about vaccinations now available in English

Recently the BG Verkehr published a flyer with information about immunisations against COVID-19 - this flyer is now available in six other languages. One of them – and most important in the shipping industry – English. You can download the flyer for free and with just one click of the button on the website of the BG Verkehr.

BG Flyer immunisationThe 4-page info flyer by the BG Verkehr informs about all relevant findings about the COVID-19 immunisation: protective effect, reactions to the vaccination, side effects and which reasons there are to get vaccinated at the workplace and for oneself personally. Moreover, the flyer refutes in a fact check five typical vaccination myths often causing uncertainty: propositions like "vaccination causes infertility and changes the human genetic make-up" or "young people without any preconditions can overcome COVID-19 infections without a problem" are – as has been scientifically proven – wrong.

Immunisation reduces the risks of an infection significantly. Those immunised are protect to a considerabe extent against a serious and especially severe course of the disease. The SARS-CoV-2 Arbeitsschutzverordnung makes it mandatory for employers to instruct their employees about the dangers of falling ill and the option to protect themselves with the immunisation. Nevertheless, experience shows that this information is often not enough: there are still some employees who are not convinced of the reasons to get immunised. The flyer by the BG is easy to understand and thus assists companies in their persuasive efforts.

The info flyer is freely available as pdf download in German, English, Russian, Czech, Polish, Romanian and Turkish.

Member companies of the BG Verkehr can also order the printed flyer and a poster for free on the website of the BG Verkehr – but in German only.

Aside from their duty of care, it is in the employers' general interest to convince as many of their employees as possible of the benefits of a COVID-19 immunisation. Staff shortages due to illness or quarantine measures affect the whole company after all.