Walter Collet (11/2018)

Walter Collet

Menschen der deutschen Flagge - Collet

About the person


Fairplay Towage Group


Chief Executive Officer

Education and professional career:

  • since 01.04.2005 CEO of Fairplay
  • Master Certificate of Competency
  • start of professional training on 04 January 1976 as deck boy at Hapag



6 questions about the maritime sector and the German flag

Its internationality in all its aspects.

I have never had any other career aspirations and cannot think of anything else I would want to do.

That is a hard question, but I am convinced of the training offered in Germany. The training will always be the foundation of a successful career.

To me, the German flag represents the German saefarer. The quality of people and crew is a competitive advantage. This might not be the case in every area. By that I mean, the required skill sets vary depending on the type of ship.

See above!

The German flag cannot become a competitive disadvantage, but even within the EU this is the case. This needs to be evened out.

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