Michael Hinz (11/2020)

Michael Hinz


About the person


ATR – Landhandel GmbH & Co. KG


  • Head of the shipping department at ATR-Landhandel GmbH & Co. KG
  • Management of ATR – Schifffahrt GmbH & Co. KG as well as
  • Reederei Thordsen MS "Ilka" GmbH & Co. KG

Education and professional career:

  • Secondary school graduation without university entrance at Herrendeichschule Nordstrand
  • Apprenticeship as machine fitter at Husumer Schiffswerft
  • Apprenticeship as ship mechanic at Reederei Theodor Hinz (family enterprise)
  • Sea service as SM / NOA at Hamburg Süd
  • University studies at maritime school Gründeich
  • Sea service as NWO at Reederei Theodor Hinz
  • From 1993 sea service as master at Reederei Theodor Hinz followed by Thordsen
  • From 1997 shipping company inspector at ATR - Landhandel



6 questions about the maritime sector and the German flag

Because I grew up on my father's ship and have always lived at the coast, the sea as well as shipping are my trusted and familiar surroundings. I work in this profession as the third generation.

See answer to question 1.

I have basically been born into it :)

If possible, spend the first practical semester before the school semester on a motor coaster and the second practical semester on a large ship on international voyages to get a close experience of the variety shipping has to offer.

As manager of four ships on international voyages under German Flag, I am in contact with at least one of the relevant institutions of the German Flag on a daily basis. Moreover, we currently train four shipping agents and offer up to 8 NOA practical semester per year on board our ships.

First and foremost, the financial support makes it possible for us to stay competitive with the "cheap flags" and at the same time train to secure long-term the next generation of maritime workforce. Most political parties agree on the importance of self-sufficient maritime logistics and view Germany as a maritime location. All this together provides the German shipping industry with the necessary stability for long-term planning. In addition, the authorities of the German Flag have enough competent points of contact to solve arising problems together and quickly.

We still see an unrestraint interest of many young people in shipping, be it at sea or at land. They stick with their chosen profession with passion and will show the German Flag across the oceans in the future.

There is just one thing I might like even better: a unified European shipping register where all European ships sail under the same conditions and everyone identifies primarily as European. Even though, there is a huge potential in this kind of project, it will most likely not come to pass anymore during my career.