Sebastian Dießner (09/2019)

Sebastian Dießner


Sebastian Diessner

About the person


  • Verband Deutscher Kapitäne und Schiffsoffiziere, VDKS (Association of German Masters and Ship's Officers)
  • Scandlines Deutschland GmbH


Vice president of VDKS

Education and professional career:

  • Abitur, i.e. general qualification for university entrance
  • Reserve officer at the German navy
  • Navigational degree in Elsfleth
  • Sea service as navigational officer at shipping company Hapaq Lloyd AG, AIDA and Scandlines
  • At Scandlines Germany GmbH: operation of the ship, member of the construction supervision for the newbuildings "Berlin" and "Copenhagen", specialist for corrosion protection for the company (author of "Handbuch Korrossionschutz in der Seeschifffahrt"), cooperation of nautical and technical inspections as well as purchases for the operative side for large contracts of the shipping company, relevant preparation of requests for proposals for shipyards and surveillance of ships of the shipping company in the shipyard.
  • Since 2016 Vice President of VDKS.

6 questions about the maritime sector and the German flag

Maritime shipping has always been a dream of mine. I really enjoy sailing on ships, manoeuvring, planning and attending the servicing. On the other side, the versatility of the work in fleet management, inspection and purchasing are fun and make for a varied working life.

Ships have always fascinated me. Hence why I decided to join the navy after school. My time at the navy was very formative for me. Because of it, I decided to start my career in civil seafaring and to start of my studies in Elsfleth with a semester abroad in New Zealand.

I recommend the vacation seafaring programme of the German shipowners' association simply to try out whether or not one is actually suited for the job. At the same time, this is an opportunity for the shipping companies to get to know the new generation of seafarers. Afterwards, one can decide whether to start one's career with an apprenticeship as a ship mechanic or as NOA or TOA

With the exception of a very short time with AIDA, I have always worked on German-flagged ships. On the one hand, I see advantages in the social security. On the other hand, I value the good relationship with the personnel, especially the people from BG Verkehr.

I see it as an advantage that it is mostly German personnel that is trained on ships under German flag. The collaboration with the surveyors is excellent and problems are easily and efficiently solved.

The state of the German flag is currently difficult and I wish the German flag that they will see some growth. If you compare the German flag to other flags of high quality, it would be desirable to develop the German flag further in order for it to be fit for the future. Where possible, bureaucratic obstacles need to be removed, but without losing sight of the quality.