Holger Brauns (02/2022)

Holger Brauns

Porträt Holger Brauns für Reihe "Menschen der deutschen Flagge"

About the person




  • Entrepeneur / owner / skipper / moderator / entertainer

Education and professional career:

  • Physiotherapist, owner and shareholder of the music production company "Force Sense Productions", music producer and artist, freelance sound designer for the company "e-instruments", entrepreneur/owner/skipper of the maritime event agency ELBSEGELEI.


Music, family, sailing

6 questions about the maritime sector and the German flag

The expanse, the sea, the river Elbe, being completely reliant on nature, environment and human basics. Loneliness and tranquillity together with the forces of nature and being at the mercy of the rough sea.

I was practically born into the sailing club Minden at the Steinhuder Meer near Wunstorf/Hannover. Early on I was taught optimist sailing. And as a child, teenager and young adult as part of the Niedersachsen squad, I sailed national and international regattas – sometimes quite successfully.

Don't think to long, just do it! Philosophically speaking, all cares stay onshore.

As a matter of course, the sailing yacht of ELBSEGELEI has a ship safety certificate and a safe manning certificate issued by the BG Verkehr. That's why I am affiliated with the German Flag.

Extensive competences for shipowners and seafarers, important for the comprehensive social safeguarding of seafarers.

In terms of performance spectrum and service altogether positive!

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