Jannes Piepgras (02/2020)

Jannes Piepgras



About the person


North Frisian Offshore GmbH
Reederei Rahder GmbH
German Fast Ferry GmbH & Co. KG
Adler Eils GmbH & Co. KG


CEO and shareholder

Education and professional career:

  • Fishing industry
  • master's certificate
  • navigational officer and master on tugs and crew transfer vessels



6 questions about the maritime sector and the German flag

Every day holds a new challenge: technology and machinery, weather situation, meeting all sorts of types of people at sea

As a child, I grew up on and at sea. On a "Hallig" (small Island without much protection from dikes) you get to know the sea pretty well. I was always on board boats or cutters whenever I had any spare time.

Even if the beginning seems difficult: the perspective is fabulous. Over the next few years everywhere along the coast, navigational and engineering officers will be in demand.

All of the ships we own are under German Flag. As we are mostly engaged in coastal voyages, it is a matter of course for us.

  1. Quality
  2. Even if it has not reached "older" shipowners yet: Most often, problems can be solved quickly and in an uncomplicated fashion with the BG Verkehr.

As long as policies will continue to support and strengthen the German Flag, I am optimistic for its future.
It is important to keep furthering the "new generation of seafarers".