Rudolf Rothe (04/2019)

Rudolf Rothe


R. Rothe © RINGFOTO Schattke Cuxhaven

About the person


Staatliche Seefahrtschule Cuxhaven (public navigation school Cuxhaven)


Head of the school

Education and professional career:

  • Vacation mariner 1974 + 1975 with Bugsier Reederei- und Bergungs AG, Hamburg
  • Abitur (university-entrance diploma) 1976 in Bochum
  • Training and seagoing service as engineer cadet 1976 – 1978 with Deutsche Dampfschifffahrtsgesellschaft HANSA, Bremen
  • University course marine engineering 1978 – 1981 at Bremerhaven University, Diploma as Engineer for marine engineering
  • Training course as welding engineer 1981 in Duisburg
  • Seagoing service as engineer officer 1981 – 1984 with the container shipping company Janssen, Elsfleth
  • Sales engineer at Fa. Westfalia Separator, Oelde, 1984 – 1986
  • Since 1986 employed as maritime shipping senior teacher
  • Since 2002 head of school


Bee keeping / hobby apiculture

6 questions about the maritime sector and the German flag

Especially, the complex technology. A merchant ship is like a little moving village requiring to be maintained and managed: electricity, fuel oil, lubricating oils, drinking water, heat, cooling, sewage, all need to be managed and controlled. To understand, control and maintain the interplay of all these technical systems has a special appeal.
Professional experience and the gained knowledge can also be used in land-based technical professions after the time at sea.
Of course, romantic moments at sea during sunset or under a clear starlit sky are also appealing.

Already as a young boy, I wanted to go to sea. As a member of the young marines in Bochum, I became acquainted with seafaring early on.
The interest in the technology developed over the years.

Choose an apprenticeship after your high school graduation. Either as ship mechanic, assistant engineer or as a prospective engineer in an apprenticeship that has something to do with metal or electronics.
Afterwards gather experience with seagoing service to get enough practical time for a technical college or university of applied science.

Germany is an export champion!
This fact alone is reason enough for a large merchant fleet under German flag.
The German flag gives assurance to mariners because you are covered by health insurance and social security.
German flag is always a little bit of home.

Assets of the German flag are its high standard of quality.
Humane conditions on board.
A strength lies in their performance of duties of public authority.
The German flag represents our country.

The current development strongly threatens the constancy of the German flag in the international maritime industry. Only with massive political intention, could the German flag be maintained.
Otherwise, though, the German flag still has a place in seaside service, North and Baltic Sea navigation and fishery.
This part of maritime shipping should get more financial support by the government in the future so that the changing of flags does not take over as well.