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Checks on board: Better performance of your ships

As German Flag, it is important to us that you as shipping company are supported. Our Checks on Board offer a practical preparation, mostly for port state controls abroad. The aim of these checklists is to improve the performance of your individual ships and your fleet as a whole as well as pre-empt the detection of deficiencies during an inspection. Our approach is holistic and incorporates the ship operations in its entirety, from ship safety over marine environmental protection up to working and living conditions of seafarers

For the best-possible performance, a tight integration of ship- and land-based operations is important – this is also the core idea of the ISM Code. Therefore, the addressees of our Checks on Board are both your ship management as well as your inspection team ashore.

The Checks on board are available for all important subject matters regarding ship operation. The general structure of the checklists remains the same:

  • Part 1: Checklist
  • Part 2: Information and legal bases

80% of German shipping companies have less than ten ships. These small and medium-sized enterprises in particular can profit from our Checks on Board. We provide the Checks on Board on a voluntary basis; the results remain with you. Use our checklists to improve your ships!

Checks on Board - for download:

Further "Checks on Board" will follow.

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Port State Control: Challenging deficiencies and detentions

Not just us, the German Flag, ensure that requirements regarding ship safety, marine environment protection as well as working and living conditions on board of German-flagged ships are met, but compliance is also checked during port State control inspections in foreign ports (Find out more about "Port State Control").

You work for a shipping company and a port State control inspection has unduly found deficiencies on one of your German-flagged ships. The German Flag will support you in challenging unduly determined deficiencies.


If, in your opinion, a port State control inspection has determined unjustified deficiencies, please describe the issue as well as the counter-arguments in an e-mail to us at We will evaluate this information and will contact the respective port State control authority in case of unjustified deficiencies.


If one of your ships has been detained, you are obliged to inform us as German Flag in any case – the easiest way is via e-mail to

If you think the detention is not justified, you have two options how to proceed and challenge the detention:

Option 1: The shipping company appeals on its own account

The shipping company can appeal on its own account. Information about the deadlines and procedures of appeal are published on the websites of the port Sate control Agreements (MoUs).

Option 2: The Ship Safety Division of the BG Verkehr takes action

In cases where you as shipping company do not wish to appeal, but disagree with the detention, please contact us, the Ship Safety Division of BG Verkehr: We will assess the information. If the detention appears unjustified to us as well, we request the port State authority to reconsider its decision. If the "request to reconsider detention" is rejected, some MoU regimes allow the application for a review panel to clarify the circumstances causing the detention. Please find further information regarding the individual review panels in "Documents" under the heading "Safety ∙ Security - Safety Management - Review Panels".

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