Anti-piracy measures/security levels and warning notes for sea areas:

Bundespolizeidirektion Bad Bramstedt
Direktionsbereich Bundespolizei See
Wieksbergstraße 54
23730 Neustadt in Holstein

Piraterie-Präventionszentrum bei der Bundespolizei See

Phone: +49 45 61 40 71 33 33

Reporting obligations:

Zentrale Kontaktstelle (Point of Contact)
Maritimes Sicherheitszentrum
Am Alten Hafen 2
27472 Cuxhaven

Phone: +49 30 18 54 20-1700 oder -1711 bzw. 1712
Fax: +49 47 21 39 48 52

Privately contrated armed security personnel:

Bundesamt für Wirtschaft und Ausfuhrkontrolle
Frankfurter Strasse 29-35
65760 Eschborn

Phone: +49 6196 908-587
Fax: +49 6196 908-800

Anti-piracy measures

Preventative measures are an important element in the fight against piracy

Modern piracy is a severe threat to shipping, especially on the trade routes between Europe, Africa and Asia. Crew members and passengers have been and continue to be injured, abducted or even killed in pirate attacks.

There are various options to fight piracy: Shipowners should observe the latest warning notices and safety levels, when operating ships in areas threatened by piracy. Crews should be prepared by training and their ships fitted with appropriate defence technology. Last but not least, privately contracted armed security personnel provide additional protection against piracy.