Advantages of the German flag

Support for shipowners

Checklists for the preparation of port state control inspections among other things

Changing to the German flag

Changing to a foreign flag

Flag State, classification societies

Flag State Administration

BG Verkehr



Stiftung Schifffahrtsstandort Deutschland

Classification societies

Types of ships

Cargo ships

Passenger ships

Fishing vessels

Ships of traditional built

Recreational craft

Offshore service vessels

Ship's manning

Working and living on board

Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) Infos

Legislative texts: Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), ILO Conventions No. 92 and 133, Maritime Labour Act and ordinances

Information for practice

Templates, documents

Employment agreements

Hours of work and rest

Seafarer's complaints

Record of employment · Seafarer's Card

Safety management (ISM)

General information

Review Panels

Rescue of Refugees

Occupational health and safety

Security (ISPS)

Anti-piracy measures

Passenger Registration



IMSBC Code (Bulk Cargoes)

IMDG Code (Dangerous Goods)

Newbuilding · Conversion

General information

Sea trials

Forms machine

Ship's equipment for newbuildings

Flag State Information

Regarding several or all topics:

Structural Condition:

Intact Stability:

National Load Line

Ship surveys

Ship's equipment

Approved ship's equipment

Navigational equipment

Life-saving appliances

Servicing of life-saving appliances

Equipment for recovery of persons from the water

Record books

Fitness for sea Service

Telemedical Maritime Assitance Service (TMAS)

Medical Equipment · spaces

Medical refresher Courses

Hygiene ·Infection

Selected health matters

Prevention of marine pollution (MARPOL)

Energy Efficiency (MARPOL Annex VI)

Ship's Sewage (MARPOL Annex IV)

Ballast water

Guidelines published by IMO


Press Releases Port State Control

Annual Reports

Survey Schemes

Ranking: Flag States · Classification societies

Statistics · Examples

2017: Examples of substandard conditions on ships

2016: Examples of substandard conditions on ships

2014: Examples of substandard conditions on ships

2013:  Examples of substandard conditions on ships

Legal basis of Port State Control

Notification requirements