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Notification procedure

Special notification procedure for seafarers

Social security relevant data for each individual employee must be reported to the responsible health insurance fund. The notification procedure is prescribed with the German ordinance for data compilation and transmission (Datenerfassungs- und -übermittlungsverordnung, DEÜV). Special provisions apply to seafarers, whose notifications must also include details about the:

  • occupational group,
  • category of ship,
  • certificate of competency, and
  • legal basis of insurance (employment on ships registered in the first or second register, insurance by power of an area of the law, insurance on application).

Based on these additional data, the period of insurance is marked in the pension account as sea service to safeguard the entitlement to benefits from the seafarer’s special fund. In addition, the data serve statistical purposes as required by, e.g., the maritime alliance for training and education in ocean shipping („Maritime Bündnis für Ausbildung und Beschäftigung in der Seeschifffahrt“).

For further information on the procedures for notifications and payment of contributions is given in a brochure  by the "Knappschaft" (in German only).

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