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Benefits of health insurance

The statutory health insurance offers comprehensive benefits

The German statutory health insurance provides comprehensive benefits. Insured persons are entitled to these benefits from the very beginning of their membership, normally when the employment commences. The scope of benefits is defined in volume five of the German Social Insurance Code (SGB V):

Leistungen KV

Sector Seperate benefits

Prevention or control of illness

  • prevention and self help
  • group prophylaxis to prevent dental impairment (up to the age of 12)
  • individual prophylaxis to prevent dental impairment (for age 6 to 18)
  • medical prophylaxis

Early detection of illness

  • medical examinations
  • special paediatric examinations

Treatment of illness

  • medical treatment, including psychotherapy
  • dental and orthodontic treatment as well as provisions of dentures
  • provisions of medicines, dressings, therapeutic remedies and medical aids
  • treatment and care at home
  • hospital treatment
  • benefits for medical rehabilitation
  • medical rehabilitation for mothers and fathers and supplementary assistance for rehabilitation
  • in vitro fertilization
  • social therapy
  • home help
  • in-patient and out-patient hospice support
  • tolerance-level testing and work therapy
  • non-medical socio-paediatric support
  • sickness benefits, also in case of illness of a child
  • travel expenses

Medical rehabilitation

  • The health insurance fund will pay, if disability or need for nursing care can be prevented, overcome or reduced

Prevention of pregnancy

  • contraseption
  • sterilisation
  • abortion