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National trade

In 2007 the VDR in cooperation with the BSH prepared a security plan for ships in the national trade (NSSP) to provide a basic level of security. As these ships (except passenger ships of class A acc. to Art. 4 para. 1 Council Directive 98/18/EC) are currently not subject to international regulations in accordance with SOLAS chapter XI-2 and the ISPS Code, the application of the NSSP is not mandatory.

Nevertheless, the BSH recommends for passenger ships just as for ships with 500 GT or more in the national trade to implement minimum measures against security incidents. The NSSP is a solid basis for that purpose. The BSH provides the optional service to check completed plans and give further recommendations.

The BSH together with the VDR will keep the model of the NSSP up to date and provides professional advice. However, we would like to point out that the review and correction of the plan lies within the responsibility of the company.

Please click here for a specimen NSSP (in German only).

In domestic shipping the comprehensive training and certification of security officers (CSO/SSO) are dispensable. It is however strongly recommended to instruct the ship’s crew in the new measures and to designate a person with overall security responsibility. Verification by a RSO is not required.

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