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Circulars and Infos

The Ship Safety Division of the BG Verkehr regularly informs current topics of ship safety and maritime labour law.

Safety Bulletins             Safety Bulletin Icon

The Safety Bulletins are intended to support the shipping company and crew with the implementation of a safety culture on board. Various references to actual incidents and hazards assist in pinpointing possible weaknesses in occupational health and safety measures of particular operational procedures and reorganizing them. At the same time, our Safety Bulletins instigate to critically question and potentially correct one's own behaviour as well as the safety measures in place.

ISM Circulars provide information about new or amended safety-relevant developments

Our ISM-Rundschreiben provide important and up-to-date information for maritime shipping, this includes 

  • the release of new or amended national and international requirements,
  • safety-relevant findings or
  • safety alerts.

Find all valid Circulars at a glace:

  1. National ratification of the Ballast Water Convention in Norway from 1. July 2010, additional Information to our ISM Info dated 30.06.2010
  2. Entry into Force of revised Annex VI, Resolution MEPC.176(58), Record Book for ozone depleting substances (ODS Record Book) in accordance with Regulation 12(6)

Those ISM Circulars and ISM Info-Mails that were issued by the See-Berufsgenossenschaft up until 31st December 2009 remain valid.